Jetro COCKPIT4 Alternative zu Citrix

JetroCOCKPIT4 introduces a wide set of new features across all of the product’s components – including the server back-end, clients, and the administrator console. COCKPIT4 also features a new integrated printing module that supports both universal printing and native printing modes, centralized, integrated management of both the application delivery and the secure browsing solutions, and more.

Cockpit 4 provides equal performance to Citrix XenApp at 50% of the cost and is the most Cost-Effective Server-Based Computing (SBC) Solution.

COCKPIT4 builds on the continuing success of the previous versions of Jetro COCKPIT that already serve hundreds of organizations worldwide. It enhances COCKPIT’s capabilities by adding a host of features including:

  • A new administration console for superior management, monitoring and control
  • An integrated solution for managing both secure browsing and application delivery from a single point of control
  • Rich tree-view navigation
  • Friendly table manipulation
  • Centralized monitoring and management of servers, sessions, resources, and more
  • On-line data export and reporting
  • New and improved license management and monitoring
  • New client-side software for unmatched user experience and performance
  • Instant session creation
  • User-controlled settings of backgrounds, colors, toolbars, icon layouts, and more
  • Intuitive management of connections, sessions, and applications.
  • Improved handling of network instability and reconnects
  • Multiple monitor support with full support for dualview mode on XP SP2 and higher (RDP6).


Advanced server-side features

  • Supports multiple zones, zone preferences, zone routing, and more
  • Multiple domain support
  • Built-in CPU throttling
  • Built-in memory throttling
  • Supports RDP6 extensions in Windows 2008, including improved audio/video streaming and high resolution sessions
  • COCKPIT4 efficiently manages the load on memory and processing resources for servers and applications, thereby maximizing system performance and user experience.

A new enterprise printing solution

  • High-fidelity universal printing
  • Granular control over printer mapping policies
  • Supports print control at both session level and print-job level
  • Supports multiple concurrent printer mapping policies for same printer
  • Supports concurrently both native printing (with printer’s native driver) and universal printing
  • Supports direct session mapping to network printers for improved network utilization
  • Supports multiple raw formats – Postscript, PCL5, PCL6
  • Supports multiple universal formats including PDF and EMF
  • Supports COCKPIT versions 3.8.2 and above
  • Supports stand-alone Microsoft Terminal Services